An invitation – We’re out & about this Saturday

The last few weekends around town must have been absolutely delightful without us bunging up the airways.

We’ve been at home doing normal house things like washing, cleaning, watching TV & sometimes even cooking dinner. Ha jokes, we eat fast food mainly because we can’t cook. Well, Blair has a crock-pot but we’re pretty sure he only uses raw meat and onions.

Anyway, we’ve all got cabin fever.

This Saturday we’ll be visiting the local hotspots around town, checking out some sweet bands and saying hello to our mates.

You’re invited.

If you see us, come say gidday and we’ll buy you a round. Simon might sing you a song if you ask him nicely. Blair will too, if you’re into the sweet sound of a Rottweiler in pain. Steve doesn’t talk much but he’s really good at the Dirty Dancing finale move.

It’ll be worth it.

We’ll be starting at 1841 at around 9pm and then migrating into town a little later on. You may see us at the Bristol, JJ Murphys, Four Kings or The Residence.

See you on Saturday.

The Relatives