Movember – Team Relatives

Si and Blair will spend the month growing and sculpting moustaches to raise money for prostate cancer.

Here is a picture of them at Xmas last year without any sculpting.

They simply cannot wait to sprout and shape these sexual adornments. Especially for such a good cause.

We’re pretty sure that a Mo will help them in life by making them far more masculine than they ever have been before.

Remember that philanthropy soothes the soul and giving to charity is one of the few secrets to achieving inner happiness. Buddism promotes compassion as one of its founding principles, so if you’re thinking, ‘so what, i’m happy anyway’, then feel compassion for them and their fight to make the world a better place whilst achieving new age bliss.

Join Team Relatives today and help us on our crusade to raise money, or simply donate by following this link.

We will see you on Saturday night at Molly Malones to:

a) Rock the house and party like its 1989

b) Give you a progress report for day 3

Happy thursday!


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